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The value of the study’s mentioned here to help the future researchers know its reference significance and foundational worth in their study. While thesis and dissertation are not all that different, both of them fulfill slightly varied purposes. The key point here is to explain how this situation brought a change in you and enriched your understanding about yourself and others. It must cover since when and how did growth happen as an individual, at a personal level. You can describe here about a transition that had led made a shift from negativity to positivity. Explain how did that change happen, what did you practice on moving towards positivity and focus on explaining the specific step which kept you growing.

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It is said that the time you spend at your school and college is something that you will never get back. You don’t have a time machine that you can use to go back and enjoy those days again. For this reason, we all try to do everything we can during our time spent off at college, from parties to sports and everything in between. At the same time, you can’t be reckless and simply let your grades start slipping.

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In this, you can either discuss the time when you questioned someone or a group of people who held certain beliefs or the time when there was a trigger point which made you question your belief. This will give them an idea of how capable you are in bringing a change of that belief and whether you are ready to stand up for yourself. You can also explain the reason for challenging your belief and what you did after those thoughts you had. Another essential aspect is to focus on how well do you cope with obstacles. You can describe the toughest challenge you faced, how you dealt with the situation, and what did you learn from it, even if it was a failure or success.